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4-6BPUP English Cocker SpanielCSC

Premium List

  • Club Information & Officers
  • List of Judges
  • Judges' Assignments
  • Premium List in PDF
  • Trophies & Awards
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    Club Information & Officers

    ENTRIES must be received by the Superintendent not later than NOON, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 7, 2019 PT. First entry of a dog $35.00, Bred By Exhibitor or Veteran $25.00
    Junior Showmanship FREE, Each additional entry, same dog $20.00
    English Cocker Swps/Vt Swps (Saturday w/Concurrent) $20.00
    French Bulldog Swps/VtSwps (Friday w/ Simi, Sunday w/ concurrent) $20.00
    Bull Tr Swp, Mini Bull Swp/Vt Swps (Friday w/ Simi) $10.00
    Am Staf Swp/Vt Swps (Saturday w/concurrent), Staf Bull Swp (Sunday w/ SBKC) $10.00

    List of Judges

    Dr. Donald Sturz, Jr.175 Greene Ave. Apt 3
    Brooklyn, NY 11238


    Judges' Assignments

    Spaniels (English Cocker)Dr. Donald Sturz, Jr.

    Trophies & Awards

    For Premium List of the 4-6 Month English Cocler Spaniel Club concurrent specialty, look within the Santa Barbara KC premium list:
  • Premium List in PDF

    Please note: We post complete premium lists within each show listing. Just click on "Premium List in PDF," under Premium List, for an online copy.

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