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Kennel Club of Palm Springs


OPEN SENIOR CLASSJudge: Mr. Blake Christian Hansen
51 FAIR MANOR DEBONAIR HEIR , DN46626801 6/29/2016. Breeder: Jacqueline Bousquet. By GCH Matindale Black Bart -- Fair Manor Laurel. PEMBROKE WELSH CORGIS Owner: Melanie Koons & Jacqueline Bousquet. Jr. Handler: Hannah Thomason,(57252731001)Dog.
52GCH SWEETWATERS KEEP IT ON THE LOW , TS43918801 12/15/2018. Breeder: Amanda Seitzer & Kristina Rock. By CH Cnr's I'm More Than A Miracle -- Sweetwaters Chit Chat. POMERANIANS Owner: Amanda Seitzer & Camryn Sherrin. Jr. Handler: Camryn Sherrin,(70106974001)Dog.
53CH PLAYLISTS LET'S GIVE 'EM SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT , SS21861901 6/27/2020. Breeder: Kimberly Lourier. By GCH Solivias Defining Moment At Playlist -- Playlists-Nitelites Fine Line At Sidearm. POINTERS Owner: Emma Garbrick & Kimberly Lourier. Jr. Handler: Emma Jo Garbrick,(43283127003)Dog.
55 SERENCI DREAM A LITTLE DREAM , DN62793801 4/17/2020. Breeder: Catherine Chapel. and Barbara Merickel By CH Braeling Every Cowgirl's Dream -- GCHB Serenci Starfire. CARDIGAN WELSH CORGIS Owner: Kyle Dumont and Carie Dumont, Catherine. Jr. Handler: Kyle Dumont,(95355397002)Dog.
56CH STILLWATER'S DOUBLE TAKE , DN60413505 12/11/2019. Breeder: Lindsey Condra. By Alta I Will Ride The Wind -- Bandana's Classic Revolution. MINIATURE AMERICAN SHEPHERD Owner: Bethany Engle & Lindsey Condra. Jr. Handler: Bethany Engle,(20091217003)Dog.

57GCH CASHLANE TULOU TAGALOA CGC , RN31401802 9/29/2017. Breeder: Zoe Bolin. and Shelley Cafferty By GCH Cashlane's Cabana Boy -- CH Jazzman My Baby Does The Hanky Panky. MANCHESTER TERRIERS (STANDARD) Owner: Gary Uyeno & Olivia Uyeno & Shelley Cafferty. Jr. Handler: Olivia Uyeno,(48803472002)Dog.

58 SKYELUCK GRAND ADVENTURE , RN32628701 2/4/2018. Breeder: Anu-Maarit Jokinen. By Skyeluck Adalia's Aidan -- Skyeluck Dream Believer. SKYE TERRIERS Owner: Katelyn Rosilez . Jr. Handler: Katelyn Rosilez,(33753661004)Dog.
60GCH KHIVA'S GHOST STAR , HP49801006 7/1/2015. Breeder: Valerie Hamilton. By CH Baklava's Rafi Rasil of Khiva -- GCH Khiva's Tova. SALUKIS Owner: SueSan Ghaemmaghami & Ella Bartlett. Jr. Handler: Ella Bartlett,(41295373002)Dog.

62GCH HIGHLANDER'S BLAME IT ALL ON MY ROOTS , WS57141103 5/1/2017. Breeder: Anne Palmer and Brian Palmer. and Shella Qualls By Highlander's Take it to The Limit -- Indigo's In Love Memory. SIBERIAN HUSKIES Owner: Arron & Christy Blake & Myanna Blake. Jr. Handler: Myanna Blake,(15016219001)Dog.
63CH MUSICBOX GOT YOUR SIX AT ROMANM REIGN , NP46429704 6/6/2017. Breeder: Donna Moore and Jones & Jerry. Davis By MusicBox Buondock Goin Commando -- Boondock Music Box Dont Roll Those Eyes At Me. LOWCHEN Owner: Jennie Chen & John Knox & Bevin Towell. Jr. Handler: Bevin Towell,(72271144003)Dog.
65GCHB R AND B SHOW STOPPER , NP54678201 5/18/2017. Breeder: Barbara A Miller. By Lobsang Stop and Stare -- GCH Shanghai's Bit O Honey. TIBETAN SPANIELS Owner: Cindy and Alexa Walker and Barbara Miller. Jr. Handler: Alexa Walker,(99163032003)Dog.
68CH HALLMARK N ELEVE'S MYSTICAL SPIRIT , WS65063102 6/28/2019. Breeder: Bryce Bonet. By GCHP R and G's Mystical Dancer -- Marlow N' Eleve's Epic Journey. BOXERS Owner: Kimberlie Steele and Bryce Bonet. Jr. Handler: Alexis Lopez,(95797979001)Dog.
71 SIPPIWISSET PERFECT STORM II , DN40292505 8/3/2014. Breeder: Julie S Clough. By Solar Sipiwisset Skiff -- Sippiwisset Chasing Mermaids. PEMBROKE WELSH CORGIS Owner: Melanie Koons and Julie Clough. Jr. Handler: Breena Koons,(23672269001)Bitch.
73CH SETSERS KING OF ROCK AND ROLL, SL , HP53250202 10/7/2016. Breeder: Shari Setser, Miki Perry. and Sherrill Snyder By GCHP Walmar-Solo's IOU, SL -- GCH Setsers V Sausagestables Prim Piper. DACHSHUNDS (LONGHAIRED) Owner: Sherrill C Snyder and Shari Setser. Jr. Handler: Ava Kathrine Hata,(62387704004)Dog.
74 SELK' NAM'S OLIVIA FLASH , WS71931701 11/5/2020. Breeder: Renato Manuel Diaz Vinuela. By Selk' Nam's Nicholas Star -- Selk' Nam's Sombra Power. DOBERMAN PINSCHERS Owner: Marina Velasco . Jr. Handler: Marina Velasco,(66544840001)Bitch.
75CH RED RYDER'S BAKER STREET WIDOWMAK'R SH CD TKI BCAT RATN CGC , SR80864107 12/11/2013. Breeder: Red Ryder Vizslas. By CH Red Diamond Gypsy Pizzazz -- CH Mehagian's Sizzlin' Red Hot Ryder. VIZSLAS Owner: Leslie Anderson & Akemi Anderson & Sachiko. Jr. Handler: Sachiko Anderson,(93918732003)Dog.

76GCH SKY HIGHS NIGHTSTALKERS DELTA ECHO , WS59075410 11/15/2017. Breeder: Magan Peake. By GCHG Showgirls Mudgee Jones -- Quail Havens Victoree Over Fear. BULLMASTIFFS Owner: Brenda L Gaffney & Brody Rotell. Jr. Handler: Brody Rotell,(71533466001)Bitch.

79CH HART'S KRAKEN ATTACK OF TRG , HP56446806 9/28/2018. Breeder: Brianne Butcher. and Katie Belz By GCHB DC Loco Motion's Dare to Prevail W -- GCHB DC Kamars Final Laugh MC LCX3. IBIZAN HOUNDS Owner: Nikela Parks and Brianne Butcher. Jr. Handler: Turner Parks,(32052445002)Bitch.
82GCHS SOLIVA'S DEFINING MOMENT AT PLAYLIST , SS06865002 6/7/2018. Breeder: Dennis and Katey Brown and. Susan L Thompson By Jared Z Karczewskiej Zagrody CA BCAT -- CH Soliva's Desiderata. POINTERS Owner: Kimberly Lourier and Sebastian and Parker Lourier. Jr. Handler: Parker Lourier,(64550804004)Dog.

83CH DEVINE'S VINCERO OLIVE ME LOVES OLIVE YOU , NP46091103 3/28/2017. Breeder: Kimberly A Lucier & Thomas Lucier. & Brian Stephen By CH Devine's Adventure Schweddy Ballz -- Devine's Benchmarks Gracie Mae. BULLDOGS Owner: Rick Villarreal & Brielle Villarreal & Kimberly A. Jr. Handler: Brielle Villarre,(84091623001)Bitch.
84GCH CLUSSEXX THE GREAT HOUDINI FROM FLIVVERWAY , TS31809302 8/6/2016. Breeder: Douglas A Johnson. and Jamie Hubbard and Nancy Liebe By GCH Clussexx Paddington of Fliverway -- Vlussexx A Lil Magic of Fliverway. ENGLISH TOY SPANIELS (BLENHEIM & PRINCE CHARLES) Owner: Jody Davidson & Scott Davidson. Jr. Handler: Ana Victoria Cummard,(50624715003)Dog.

87CH HUNTLEIGH'S THX CAN I HAVE ANOTHER , SS03011202 11/19/2017. Breeder: Melissa Shacklady. and Darleen Harmon By GCH Tamarack Outghtabe The Mayor -- Huntleighs Leaves You Wanting Mora OA NAJ. RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN) Owner: Julie Scopazzi & Timothy Avery. Jr. Handler: Samantha Vivanco,(37202974005)Dog. Lauren House, Agent.

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