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Kennel Club of Palm Springs


OPEN CLASS BJudge: Mr. Robert M. Margolis

170CH, OTCH 6 JAZZ'D RED HOT INTENTIONS UDX10 OGM PCDX , SR99162801 4/28/2017. Breeder: Janice Anthes and John Anthes. By CH Eagletarn Marry Man Jax JH WC -- GCH Victory's High Wind Warning, CDX BN RE OA NAJ OJP OF THDN XFP. Owner: Lance Kruse .Bitch, RETRIEVERS (FLAT-COATED).

171 WYNSLOW VON DER TETIAROA UDX PCDX RE PCD GN BN , DN47043503 7/24/2016. Breeder: Jill Doherty. By Kimon Vom Padbert -- Ixena Von Der Tetiaroa. Owner: Gail Katz .Bitch, GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS.

172GCH TAMARACK LIMONCELLO UD JH OAP OJP , SS12016103 3/20/2019. Breeder: Kathy Whipple. By CH Castlerock Let It Be -- CH Tamarack Call Me Buttercup. Owner: John & Danette Schloeder .Dog, RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).

173 PLUM PERFECT'S DYNAMITE CDX BN PCDX RN , RN31062601 7/31/2017. Breeder: owner. By GCHS Jet Aire's Knight In Shining Armor -- GCH Plum Perfect's Conquer The World UDX OM1 PCDX BN RA MXP MJP2 XFP. Owner: Suzanne Tharpe .Bitch, AIREDALE TERRIERS.

174OTCH 2 TANBARK'S WE'RE GOOD TO GO UDX OM1 WCX OBHF , SR98920703 4/5/2017. Breeder: Yvonne M Piefer. By Brassfire's Cowboy Casanova CDX MH -- Wynwood Sweet Surrender. Owner: Theodore Stirm .Dog, RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).

175 DESERT SAGE LIFE'S A GAME UDX4 OM5 AX AXJ CGC TKI , DN36592107 4/26/2013. Breeder: Stephanie Morris. By Manfarer Kurt Cobain MX MXJ -- Trickle NAJ. Owner: Toby Krause and Stacy Winkler .Dog, BORDER COLLIES.
176GCH PLUM PERFECT'S CONQUER THE WORLD UD PCDX BN RA AXP MJP XFP , RN26585501 11/19/2013. Breeder: owner. By GCH Devonshires Celtic Pride -- CH Plum Perfect's Blues Legend UDX4 OM7. Owner: Suzanne Tharpe .Bitch, AIREDALE TERRIERS.

178 OTCH8 SUNFIRE'S WHIZ KID UDX8 PUTD OGM VER DM DS AS CGC TKA , SR80482703 10/12/2013. Breeder: Barbara Biewer and Sharon. Cavanaugh By OTCH Dal-Rae's Sunfire's Titanium UDX17 OGM RAE -- Sunfire's Desert Towhee, CDX, NAJ, RN. Owner: Kathy and Eric Klein .Dog, RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).
179 QUAILCHASE BLACK GEM CD BN RN , SR96461402 11/28/2016. Breeder: Tina and Duke Donohue. and Kristina Rock By GCHB Broadway Joe Windfall -- Quailchase Bear Creek Darlin Doe. Owner: Terry Purkable and Tina and Duke Donohue and Kristina Rock.Bitch, RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR).

181GCH NIGHTHAWK'S EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED V IKON DN , WS61764201 7/17/2018. Breeder: Daviann Mitchell and Caol Beasley. By GCHS JungerSohn Two For The Show V Esmond RN CGC -- GCHS Nighthawk's All I Ever Wanted DJA BN RATN. Owner: Daviann L. Mitchell .Bitch, ROTTWEILERS.

183OTCH SUNFIRE'S PRIDE AND JOY UDX OM1 BN RAE OA , SS04007905 2/10/2018. Breeder: Mary A Thompson. and Cnrille A Young By OTCH MACH4 PACH2 Hi-Top Shawnfield's Rapid Replay VCD2 UDX4 PUTD OM5 GN GO VER RM RAE JH MXC MJB2 MXP5 MJP5 MJPS PAX2 MXF TQX T2B RATS TKA -- Sunfire's Goblet Of Fire UD OM1 BN GN GO RE SH. Owner: Kathy Klein .Dog, RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).
184 SPIRIT'S DREAMER'S GAMBIT UD , SR85259801 6/29/2014. Breeder: Laurie Weaver. By Spirit's He's A Keeper -- Spirit's Golden Calypso. Owner: Daryl Kauleinamoku and Kathy Moore .Dog, RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).

186 EMBERAIN ALL DRESSED UP CDX , SS02524304 10/31/2017. Breeder: Edwina & Edward Ryska. By MACH5 Emberain Red Rum Punch MH WCX -- Rio Emberain Back To Bree MX MXJ. Owner: Mimi Grosenbaugh and Kathy Moore .Bitch, RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).
187 POWDER RIVER'S TRI LOGAN CD , SS09694303 12/7/2018. Breeder: Cheryl Krajcar. By FC/AFC Powder River's Tri Ur Luck -- Powder River's Mykyna Point. Owner: Suzanne Karnes and Cheryl Krajcar .Dog, BRITTANYS.

188 CT ALL-STARR'S SWINGIN' FOR THE FENCE UDX OM2 BN RE SH TKN , SR86222801 12/26/2014. Breeder: Sarah Ball. and Barbara Sevier By CH Asterling's Wild Blue Yonder -- OTCH CT All-Starr's Crowdin' The Plate VCD3 UDX3 OM6 VER RE MX OF. Owner: Sarah Ball .Bitch, RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).

189OTCH HARD ROCK PHOEBE UDX RE OM4 , DN48086401 2/18/2016. Breeder: Brian Cash. By Hard Rock Neal -- Mona. Owner: Rita Jensen .Bitch, BORDER COLLIES.
191CH, OTCH SPORTING FIELDS WHITE COLLAR CRIME AT MAVERICK UDX3 OM6 , DN47324603 3/3/2016. Breeder: Dionne Butt, Amanda Giles. & David Samuelson By CH Strange To Say Di Sutri -- GCH Sporting Fields Empress. Owner: Rachel Amado and Henry Heil & Dionne Butt .Dog, BORDER COLLIES.
192OTCH SPIRIT'S VICTORIOUS VIXEN UDX3 OM5 MX MXJ RAE NF SCN SEN SBN , SR99270103 12/7/2016. Breeder: Laurie Weaver. By NOC OTCH Spirit's Zim Zam Zoom UDX7 OM6 -- Spirti's Dazzling Poopping Pixie UD RE NA NAJ NF. Owner: Kathleen Moore .Bitch, RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).

193OTCH REDTOP BRIO UDX8 OGM , DN48917801 5/6/2016. Breeder: Patrick Shannahan. By Redtop Bob -- Benlin Flo. Owner: Louise Fox Meredith .Bitch, BORDER COLLIES.

194CH OTCH2 RACH WESTERNESSE JAMMIN' LIVE JAZZ UDX6 OGM RM2 RAE2 HT AD CA CGCU CGCA TKP , DN33365801 4/3/2012. Breeder: Joyce Herie. By CH Sunburst Run N Fun CDX HSAds HIAds NA NAJ NAP NJP OF -- CH Westernesse Fun and Frolic HT AX AXJ OF. Owner: JoAnne Griffin, DVM and Joyce Herie .Bitch, SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS.

195 JANCO MAKE ME LAUGH RN UD , PR19613904 11/11/2016. Breeder: Janet Collins. By Marjonlie Janco Texas Ranger -- CH Janco Silver Truffle. Owner: Phyllis Gunhouse .Dog, POODLES (MINIATURE).

196 VANTAN'S STELLA BY STARLIGHT BN CD CDX RN RI , PR20191203 7/27/2017. Breeder: Barbara Tannahill. By CH Eaglehill-South Icebreaker of Dulcet Mivida -- GCH Van Tan's Right On Key. Owner: Susan and James Farrar .Bitch, POODLES (MINIATURE).
197 PIXIE CD CGCU TKN , PAL279286 2/9/2016. Breeder: . By -- . Owner: Kerry A Bell .Bitch, POODLES (MINIATURE).

198OTCH DOMINO OAKHILLS CALIFORNIA POPPY UDX6 OM8 VER , TS25922301 5/6/2015. Breeder: L Temperato. By GCH Domino's On The Money -- CH Domino's Diamond Jubilee BN CDX RE. Owner: Hillary Hunter .Bitch, PAPILLONS.
199 DISYRE FRANKLY I CAN FLY BN UD RE OA NAJ , TS19115405 6/24/2013. Breeder: Diana Sayre. By GCH Toontown Perfectly Frank -- CH Disyre Skp It Up. Owner: Dee Bogush .Dog, PAPILLONS.

201GCHB RACH CHRISTHILL FIRST LADY MARIE GENEVA UD PDCX BN GN RM8 RAE6 CGC TKN , RN26378602 1/11/2014. Breeder: Kreg B Hill. and William I Christensen By GCHS Christhill Morongo -- GCHS PS Phoebe II Christhill. Owner: Kreg B. Hill and William I. Christensen .Bitch, AUSTRALIAN TERRIERS.
202CH HIGHGROVE CRYSTAL CLEAR UDX VCD2 AX AXJ XF VST , DN52934401 1/31/2018. Breeder: Barbara Hughes. By CH Highgrove Victory Lap HSAd HSAsM NAJ NF THDN -- CH Highgrove Clear As Day. Owner: Barbara Hughes & Amy Balchum .Bitch, PEMBROKE WELSH CORGIS.

203CH MAYSTAR'S CHARLOTTE ROO OF SHONLEH CD PCD CDX , RN28531501 9/14/2015. Breeder: Brigette Gheno. By CH Shonleh Keleven Krugerand -- CH Maystar's Maggie May, CD. Owner: Brigette Gheno .Bitch, NORWICH TERRIERS.

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