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Kennel Club of Palm Springs


AFGHAN HOUNDSJudge: Mrs. Debbie Campbell-freeman
AFGHAN HOUNDS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.

5 JOROGZ' N ZIA IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT , HP62525405 4/7/2021. Breeder: Billie Wilson. and John Roger Morton By CH Jorogaz' Partyboy -- GCHS Jorogz N Zia Waiting To Xhale. Roland Rodriguez and Kurt Simmons . Dog.
AFGHAN HOUNDS Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

9 THAON'S ASTRONOMER , HP58358701 6/25/2019. Breeder: JT Hafford, JP Blanchard, D. Rogers and A Sterner By CH Shekinah Stilleto -- CH Thaon's Evanescence. Jay T Hafford and James Blanchard and Debbie Rogers. Dog.
11 SRINAGAR RUMI EL QUMAAR OF KAMY , HP60262701 5/7/2020. Breeder: Srinagar Kennel & Kazuyo Miura. By GCH Mahali Ensign -- Srinagar Saboon Ok Kamy. Srinagar KNL & Kazuyo Miura . Dog.
15 MAESTOSO TRUMAN OF FANCY FLORAL FCI , HP61897101 3/3/2019. Breeder: Izumi Hirazakura. By GCH Genesisi Caelus Of Fancy Floral FCI -- Honesty JP Hel Victorias. Mary Kathy Rich . Dog.

17 STORMHILL KISMA STARWARS , HP51649702 6/22/2016. Breeder: Lynn Vining & Sandra Frei. By Thaon's Startenor -- CH Stormhill's Wish Catch. John Fahey & Robert Dunn & Sandra Frei & Terri Vanderzee. Dog. Loran Morgan, Agent.
AFGHAN HOUNDS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

6 OSHANAMEH'S TO A T , HP63495401 2/23/2021. Breeder: Anne Naarits & Iren Naarits. & Alexandra Daniels By Oshanameh's Quantum Leap -- Oshanameh's Me Myself And I. Bodil Arlander . Bitch.
AFGHAN HOUNDS 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

10 SHANTE N SOVEREIGN SUEDE , HP62827804 12/13/2020. Breeder: Samuel McGeachy and Marilyn. Domhoff By GCH Thera's The Quite Man At Kattana -- GCH Anarki Fairest Of Them All. Marilyn Domhoff and Samuel McGeachy . Bitch.
AFGHAN HOUNDS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

12 ABACA SHYLO SAVANNAH , HP61407515 8/18/2020. Breeder: Abbe Shaw, Stephen Fisher, Bruce. Clark, Robert Ungar, David Sorey By CH Shylo Thunderball -- CH Abaca Shylo Margarita Rita. Shiva Germchi & Abbe Shaw & Bruce Clark . Bitch.

14 THAON'S BELLE-EPOQUE , HP54811901 9/23/2017. Breeder: owner. By CH Thaon's Alternative -- CH Thaon's Emotion. Jay T Hafford and Debbie Rogers and James Blanchard. Bitch.
16 SEACROWN JOY TO THE WORLD , HP57396202 2/25/2019. Breeder: Artis J Bauer. By Khandhu O So Dapper CGC -- Karnak Georgie Girl For Charikar SC. Artis Bauer . Bitch.

18 KAMY LET IT SNOW , HP60262702 5/7/2020. Breeder: Srinagar Kennel & Kazuyo Miura. By GCH Mahail Ensign -- Srinagar Saboon Of Kamy. Kazuyo Miura . Bitch.
AFGHAN HOUNDS Best-of-Breed/Variety
20GCH SUMMERWINDS- GANDHARA RUNWAY HIT , HP53440107 4/4/2017. Breeder: Rosemary Suttoa and Nayef Homsi. By CH Summerwinds De Ladin Hit N Run -- GCH Summerwinds Paladin Moglamous Wynsyr. Rosemary Sutton . Bitch. Mark Stephen, Agent.
21CH ABACA SHYLO'S SAHHAAR , HP61407516 8/18/2020. Breeder: Abbe Shaw & Bruce Clark. By CH Shylo Thunderball -- CH Abaca Shylo Margarita Rita. Jerrilyn Brutsche and Able Shaw . Dog.
22GCHB AGHA DJARI'S TRIFECTA , HP58697301 4/19/2019. Breeder: Stefan Boieck & Nico Kersten. By GCHS Afha Djari's Fifith Dimension Of Sura -- CH Agha Djari's Kashmere. Sondra R Marcus and Stefan Boieck . Bitch. Jorge Olivera, Agent.
23GCH COUNTRYWIND'S A CUT ABOVE CGC JC, HP49569305 5/20/2015. Breeder: Michele Trifiro, Catherine Harker. and Dominique Lane By GCH Elmo's Martian Chronicles CGC -- CH Evensong's Avenue Q. Lynda and Chuck Hartman . Dog.
24CH SINGH SHEKINAH PRIVATE DANCER , HP60278807 5/11/2020. Breeder: Toni M Richmond. and Leslie Stoffels By CH Criston Athena Shekinah Alydar -- CH Singh N' In The Rain. Kimberly Charlson and Brett Charlson and Toni Richmond. Bitch.

25GCH SHYLO THUNDERBALL , HP58143201 1/30/2019. Breeder: Owners. By GCHS Shylo Black and Blue All Over -- CH Golddragon Shylo Spanish Lullaby. Bruce Clark Stephen Fisher & Leslie Farkas & Robert Ungar. Dog.
26GCH JOURNEY SHAI-TAM THE CATALYST , HP49936102 6/13/2015. Breeder: Nancy J. Edgington & Cynthia. Byington By CH Agha Djari's Fifth Dimension of Sura -- CH Sirae Crimson and Clover. Melinda Rumpf & Cathy Honorof & Nancy Edgington. Bitch.
29GCHB COUNTRYWIND'S CRAFTSMAN CGC JC, HP46172301 9/7/2013. Breeder: Catherine Harker. By GCH Elmo's Martian Chronicles -- GCH Countrywinds Courtesan. Lynda and Chuck Hartman . Dog.
31CH KAMY LET ME FLY , HP60262706 5/7/2020. Breeder: Kazuyo Miiura & Srinagar Kennel. By GCH Mahali Ensign -- Srinagar Saboon Of Kamy. Masahiko Shimamura . Dog.
33GCH NIJI KAHANI BE MY LOVER , HP52185801 1/25/2016. Breeder: Reka Kiss. By Xenos Torque -- Kingsleah valkhyria. Maggie Radoslavova . Dog.
35GCHG SUNLIT'E KING OF QUEENS , HP55747001 1/26/2018. Breeder: T Richardson, P Winkelmeier,. N Feldman By GCHP Agha Djari's Fifth Dimension of Sura -- GCHG Sunlit's Queen of Everything CGC. Tara Richardson and P Winkelmeier, A Jones, M Hunter, J Bartlett. Dog.
37CH SUMMERWINDS TRULY EGOTISTICAL , HP57056602 11/28/2018. Breeder: Daniel Lochart & Rosemary Sutton. & Nayef Homsi By CH Summerwinds It's All About Me! -- GCH Zanza Sura True Lies. Rosemary Sutton and Daniel Lockhart and Sandra Blount. Dog. Mark Stephen, Agent.
39CH SHAI-TAM CALLOWAY SEBRING FIREHAWK , HP55893601 6/24/2018. Breeder: Pam Brannock and Jerry Klein. and Melinda Rumpf By CH Elan Sebring Fire Bomb -- CH Calloway Monkey Shine Of Mihdian. Marshall and Melinda Rumpf and Cathy Honorof . Dog.

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