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Kennel Club of Palm Springs


SALUKISJudge: Mrs. Debbie Campbell-freeman
SALUKIS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.

5 7SEAS I SQUARE HI ALTITUDE BY ALBION & PARFAIT , HP62999803 5/30/2021. Breeder: J. Browning & K. Kelly-Burns. & Jerry Browning By CH Dc Baha Khan Man MC LCX -- CH & Seas Parfait Argentia Moon Over Albion. Stephanie House & Karin Kelly-Burns & Jerry Browning. Dog.

7 ALBION'S I SQUARE I AM A LEGENDARY PERSIAN , HP62999804 5/30/2021. Breeder: Jerry Browning & Karin Kelly-Burn. & Gail Newell By Baha Khan Man -- 7Seas Parfait Argentia Moon Over Albion. Kelly Mattiuz and Jerry Browning . Dog.
SALUKIS Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

15 JUSTIFY OF ZANSKAR , HP55983701 4/23/2018. Breeder: owner. By Wynnstorm Northern Dancer At Zanskar -- 7Seas Parfait Beholder at Zanskar. Anne Mayea and Karin Kelly Burns . Dog.
SALUKIS Open Dogs.
17 JAZLYNN'S TEQUILA WITH RED PASSION AT PORRIMA , HP55692707 5/8/2018. Breeder: Cheryl Henry & Steven Fisher. By Shasei Captain Morgan Darkrum Jalynn -- Jalynn Cinnamon Latte. Kelly Mattiuz & Cheryl Henry . Dog.

19 LAIMUELLE JP AURORA ELMOS E , SI0010119 JP 7/3/2019. Breeder: Akiko Iwakiri. By GCHG Aurora's Rythmn Of My Heart -- CH Lamieuelle JP Brair Bee. Akiko Iwakiri . Dog. Stuart McGraw, Agent.
21 SRINAGAR SADEEK EL SHARIF , HP53849001 4/11/2017. Breeder: Srinagar Kennels. & Reg. Dr. Afton Blake By Sprinagar Yallah Yajameel -- Sprinagar Yamaama. Srinagar Kennels Reg. and Dr. Afton Blake . Dog.
SALUKIS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

6 RUSHWIND-ZANSKAR MOLUKENEH DINYE , HP62434509 3/30/2021. Breeder: Karen Greenhill. By Elamir Flamenco El Cortez -- CH Rushwind Tabestan Qamar. Anne Mayes . Bitch.

8 KHIVA'S SINGULAR SENSTION , HP62172301 3/10/2021. Breeder: Valerie & Barbara Hamilton. By CH Khiva's Ali Khayyam -- GCH Khiva's Persian Gypsy. Valerie Hamilton & Barbara Hamilton . Bitch.
SALUKIS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
14 PORRIMA'S LET'S GO CRAZY , HP58765302 8/14/2019. Breeder: Kelly Mattiuz & Vikki McDonald. By GCH Albion's Once Upon A Midnight SC -- Hillside's Dreams of Sugarplums. Wendy & Konrad Miehle & Kelly Mattiuz . Bitch.

16 TERIKOR BREE , HP56903502 12/24/2018. Breeder: Owners. By GCH Scimitars Storm of Virtues -- CH Terikor Carmeline. Cori Solomon and Ken Bornstein . Bitch.
SALUKIS Open Bitches.
20 ZANSKAR'S WINX ON THE 7SEAS , HP55983705 4/23/2018. Breeder: Anne Mayea and Karin Kelly-Burns. By Wynnstorm Northern Dancer at Zanskar -- 7Seas Parfait Beholder at Zanskar. Bill Mininsohn and Kathy Prosser . Bitch.

32 ALBION'S I SQUARE I'M THE CHOSEN ONE , HP62999807 5/30/2021. Breeder: Jerry Browning & Karin K. Burns. By DC Baha Khan Man SC -- CH 7Seas Parfait Argentina Moon Over Albion. Wendy & Konrad Miehle & Jerry Browning . Bitch.
SALUKIS Best-of-Breed/Variety
18 SUNDARA'S AKILAH ROSE , HP60308301 7/7/2020. Breeder: Hanna Rose Haag. and Michelle Haag & Emerson J. By GCHS Excelsior Sundara Sands Of Time JC -- GCHS Karnak's Ajah Rose of Sundara SC. HannaRose Haag and Emerson Jaquish . Bitch.

25GCH AZIZ SUPERNATURAL IMPALA JC , HP55777301 2/19/2018. Breeder: Stina Jalkanen & Janette Jalkanen. By GCH Z'Bee's Che Bellina Dante -- CH Impala Habanero JC. Lois-Ann Snyder . Dog.
26GCH KHIVA'S PERSIAN GYPSY , HP49801003 7/1/2015. Breeder: Valerie Hamilton. By CH Baklava's Rafi Rasil Of Khiva -- GCH Khiva's Tova. Valerie Hamilton & Barbara Hamilton . Bitch.
27GCHB TIMARU LIMITED EDITION , HP51851403 6/9/2016. Breeder: Lesley & John Brabyn. By GCH Jaziat Samarkand JC -- GCH Timaru Iona JC. Pamela Fredieu & Lesley Brabyn . Dog. Stuart McGraw, Agent.
28GCHB EXCELSIOR SUNDARA SOMEWHERE IN TIME , HP52037205 7/12/2016. Breeder: Carole Beyerle and Michelle LaFla. mme Haag By GCHG Subdara's Here comes The Sun -- hedlyeh Tehila Paravana Bat Yosef. Michelle Haag & Hanna Haag . Bitch.
29CH AL QAHIRAH BOW OF EYTUKAN , HP62192108 9/6/2016. Breeder: Colieen Summerfield and Lillian. Murphy By CH Timaru Imperative Jc -- Al Qahirah A Kiss Of Godiva Sc. Colleen Summerfield and Lillian Murphy . Dog.
30GCH TWOHEARTS A FLOWER IN THE DESERT RI CGC TKN JC, HP54170202 7/24/2017. Breeder: Lisa and Todd Boswell. and Lillian Murphy By DCH GCH Baha Heart of Gold SC RI CGC -- GCH Al Qahirah A Lovesong of Two Hearts SC. Lisa & Todd Boswell . Bitch.

31GCHB WILD WEST SHOW AT SUNDOG SALOON BCAT JC, HP52201702 5/24/2016. Breeder: Suzi Smith and Cathi Steiner. By CH Salish' Scimitar Devil His Due -- GCH Scimitar Solar Storm Jc, CGC. Suzi Smith and Cathi Steiner . Dog.
33GCHB DC BAHA HEART OF GOLD CGC, SC, RI , HP45075106 2/17/2013. Breeder: Caroline Coile. By GCH Baha Persian of Interest CD RN SC NA AXJ NF -- GCH Bark & Dives JP Baha Luna of Khiva RN Sc. Lisa & Todd Boswell . Dog.
35GCH KHIVA'S GHOST STAR , HP49801006 7/1/2015. Breeder: Valerie Hamilton. By CH Baklava's Rafi Rasil of Khiva -- GCH Khiva's Tova. SueSan Ghaemmaghami & Ella Bartlett . Dog.
37GCH ISSIBAA'S LLICKETYSPLIT , HP56058601 6/4/2018. Breeder: Owner. By CH Mazada Mata Shiraz The Life Of The Parti JC -- Issibaa's Jibber Jabber CC CM. Sharon and Jim Kinney . Dog.
39GCH 7SEAS D'ANSOR CASPIAN PRINCE OF THE SEA , HP47140601 12/26/2013. Breeder: Karin Kelly-Burns & Anne Mayea. & Gina Hayden By GCH Sundara's Here Comes The Sun -- GCH D'Ansor 7Seas Cashmir En Vogue. Karin Kelly-Burns & Gina Hayden . Dog.

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