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Kennel Club of Palm Springs


BORDER TERRIERSJudge: Ms. Ginnette Louise Loft
BORDER TERRIERS Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
9 TUMBLEWEED SWEET WILL I AM NA NAJ TKA RATO UL/TL I , RN33421403 2/11/2019. Breeder: Simon Simaan. By GCH Meadowlake Smash -- GCH Tumbleweed Versaterre. Dana Dacier and Simmon Simaan . Dog.
11 MCHILL'S WHERE'S THE FIRE , RN36500301 6/10/2021. Breeder: Ann Gallus. and Peter Holson By GCH McHill's Higher Love -- GCH McHill's Hot Tamale. Rachel Ivanov and Yulian Ivanov and Peter Holson. Dog.
BORDER TERRIERS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

8 LNDI'S THE GREATER LIGHT , RN38457403 6/25/2022. Breeder: Cindy Muller & Kimberly Vonk. By CH Lndi's In The Hands Of God -- Lndi's That’s What Love Is For. Cindy Muller & Kimberly Vonk & Haley Stilman. Bitch.

12 MCHILL'S BELIEVE YOUR DREAMS , RN38162202 5/19/2022. Breeder: A. Gallus & P. Holson. By CH Hardtack Go The Extra Mile CA -- GCH McHill's Hot Tamale RN CGC TKE. Karen Miller & Peter Holson . Bitch.
BORDER TERRIERS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

42 BITTERSWEET CATALEYA AT CRIPPLE CREEK , RN38377601 4/2/2022. Breeder: Marilyn Sugg. By GCH Ranthorn Rally Cap -- GCH Aardehond Chicago After Midnight JE BCAt CGC. Michelle and Charlie Perry . Bitch.
BORDER TERRIERS 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

18 SUNDEVIL'S POCKET FULL OF POSIES , RN37568801 1/7/2022. Breeder: Sheila Avrom-Hanna and David. Smith and Dylan Hrdlikca By GCH Sundevil's Special Agent JE RN TKI CGC -- CH Sundevil's Highland RN TKI CGC. Sheila Hanna . Bitch.
BORDER TERRIERS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
20 TILTED KILT SHE'S A STIKING SOLO , RN37430401 1/19/2022. Breeder: C. Depriest & S. Stebbins. By CH Firelands Hawkeye -- GCH Ottermask Jambuster A tilted Kilt JE BCAT. Catherine C Depriest . Bitch.

22 FULL THROTTLE'S LOCH GELLY! , RN37948901 5/16/2022. Breeder: Darcy Bartholomay. By CH Full Throttle's Five O'Clock Shadow ! CGC -- CH Full Throttle's Quaranthini!!!!. Darcy Bartholomay . Bitch.

24 SUNDEVIL'S IN A NUTSHELL , RN35774201 11/23/2020. Breeder: Sheila Avram-Hanna & Cassy. Corrigan By GCH Otley Undeniable -- CH Sundevil's Bit-of-Honey CGC RN. Sheila Hanna . Bitch.

26 RANTHORN RENDEZVOUS , RN34760503 3/23/2020. Breeder: Elizabeth Crisp Blake. By GCH Redgate's Moonstruck -- GCHB Ranthorn Remake. Elizabeth Crisp Blake . Bitch.
30 MCHILL'S TOO HOT TOO HANDLE , RN36500304 6/10/2021. Breeder: Ann Gallus & Peter Holson. By GCHG McHill's Higher Love -- GCH McHill's Hot Tamale. Adrienne Dente & Peter Holson . Bitch.

32 MCHILL'S MY FUNNY VALENTINE , RN37433501 12/3/2021. Breeder: Peter Holson. and Lena Easley By GCH McHill's Greenbriar Rocketeer -- McHill's Greenbriar Smitten. Peter Holson . Bitch.
BORDER TERRIERS Non-Reg Eligible BOB/BOV Veteran Dogs.

17GCH CRIPPLE CREEK HIGH NOON SE , RN26121701 10/25/2013. Breeder: Michelle Perry and Charlie Perry. By GCH Rumpole's English Style RN BN ME CGCA -- CH Frontier Ruff Rider SE. Michelle and Charlie Perry . Dog.
BORDER TERRIERS Best-of-Breed/Variety
5 RANOCH'S NO ORDINARY LOVE , RN38165305 5/20/2022. Breeder: Alison Whittington & Leigh Anne. Robertson DVM By GCH McHill's Higer Love -- CH Otley Blue Me Away From Thistlerose. Peter Holson & Leigh Anne Robertson DVM . Dog.

19GCHS MEADOWLAKE WHISTLE BLOWER , RN34070002 8/8/2019. Breeder: Karen Fitzpatrick. and Sheila Munjoy By GCHP Dark Side of the Moon -- CH Meadowlake Crystal Head. Karen Fitzpatrick . Dog.
21CH LNDI'S EYE ON IT , RN34870401 2/13/2020. Breeder: Cindy Muller & Kimberly Vonk. By GCHB Huntaway Typoo -- CH Autopilot Hid Your Corretto. Kimberly Vonk & Cindy Muller . Dog.
23GCH RANTHORN RUSH ORDER JE , RN33137701 12/26/2018. Breeder: Elizabeth Crisp Blake. By CH Akenside Cumin -- GCHB Ranthorn Remake. Elizabeth Crisp Blake . Dog.
25GCH MEADOWLAKE FLY ME TO THE MOON AT MARCWOOD , RN31800601 12/22/2017. Breeder: Karen Fitzpatrick. and Kiki Courtelis By GCHP Meadowlake Darkside of the Moon -- CH Meadowlake Slightly Sinful. Angelo Marco DVM and Karen Fitzpatrick . Dog.
27CH TUMBLEWEED DISREGARD THE RULES BCAT , RN35509503 7/4/2020. Breeder: Simon Simaan. By GCH Meadowlake Smash -- GCH Tumbleweed Versaterre. Lisa Jury and Simon Simaan . Dog.
29CH MCHILL'S FERGUS MCNAUGHTON , RN34789202 2/21/2020. Breeder: Leigh Anne Robertson, Hillary. Zimmerman, Peter Ho By GCHB Kernow A Dog Named George -- GCH McHill's Cheap Trick. David Bryson and Leslie Bryson . Dog.
31GCH OTT TO BE CRASHING THE CHRISTMAS PARTY , RN34347908 12/24/2019. Breeder: Star Ott. By CH ELWAH’s OTT TO BE MAGIC MIKE RN SWN SEA SBA CGC TKI -- GCH Ott To Be Rockin' The Louboutins. Valerie Evans Christensen . Dog. Amy Rutherford, Agent.
33GCHS SUREFYRE'S LET'S BE FRANK , RN36124601 3/22/2021. Breeder: Constance Barlett & Andrea. Shepard By GCHS Surefyre's 'Round About Midnight -- CH Surefyre's Somebody To Love. Constance Bartlett & William Bartlett & Nick Metcalf & Hannah Metcalf. Dog.
34CH CRIPPLE CREEK SHE'S EVERYTHING , RN35940501 12/18/2020. Breeder: M. Perry & L Erenberg. & C. Perry & D. Erenberg By GCH Ranthorn Rally Cap -- GCH Cripple Creek Charmed One SE. Dana Erenberg & Michelle Perry & Liana Erenberg & Charlie Perry. Bitch.
36GCH MCHILL'S LET FREEDOM RING , RN36809301 7/4/2021. Breeder: Leigh Anne Robertson, Peter. Holson, H Zimmerman By CH Hartack Go The Extra Mile CA -- GCH McHill's Cheap Trick. Tracey Fawkes and John Fawkes, Leigh Ann Robertson, Peter Holson. Bitch.
38GCH OTTERECHO STROKE OF MIDNIGHT SE BCAT , RN35616401 10/4/2020. Breeder: R. Kelly. By CH Bramble Hat Full Of Stars -- Otterecho Roise The Riv-Otter. Marguerite W. Lynch . Bitch.
40GCH FULL THROTTLE'S JERSEY RIZZO! , RN36313501 4/15/2021. Breeder: Darcy Bartholomay. By Full Throttle's Five O'Clock Shadow! CGC -- GCH Full Throttle's I'd Wanna Be Me Too!. Darcy Bartholomay . Bitch.

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