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4-6 BPUP San Luis Obispo KC

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  • Club Information & Officers
  • List of Judges
  • Judges' Assignments
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  • Trophies & Awards
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    Club Information & Officers

    4-6 Month Beginner Puppy $10.00

    List of Judges

    Mr. Terry Stacy116 Ocoee Falls Dr
    Chapel Hill, NC 27517


    Judges' Assignments

    BEST in SHOW
    Mr. Terry Stacy
    Retrievers (Labrador)Mr. Terry Stacy
    Open, Black; Chocolate; Yellow. Same division of classes in bitches.
    Spaniels (English Cocker)Mr. Terry Stacy
    Spinoni ItalianiMr. Terry Stacy
    Basset HoundsMr. Terry Stacy
    Beagles (Thirteen Inch)Mr. Terry Stacy
    Dachshunds (Smooth)Mr. Terry Stacy
    Open, Miniature 11 lbs. and under at 12 mos. of age and older; Standard. Same division of classes in bitches.
    Rhodesian RidgebacksMr. Terry Stacy
    BoxersMr. Terry Stacy
    Open, Brindle; Fawn. Same division of classes in bitches.
    Cane CorsoMr. Terry Stacy
    MastiffsMr. Terry Stacy
    NewfoundlandsMr. Terry Stacy
    SamoyedsMr. Terry Stacy
    Siberian HuskiesMr. Terry Stacy
    Staffordshire Bull TerriersMr. Terry Stacy
    Italian GreyhoundsMr. Terry Stacy
    PapillonsMr. Terry Stacy
    Poodle (Toy)Mr. Terry Stacy
    Shih TzuMr. Terry Stacy
    Yorkshire TerriersMr. Terry Stacy
    Chinese Shar-PeiMr. Terry Stacy
    Chow ChowsMr. Terry Stacy
    Open, Black; Red; Any Other Allowed Color. Same division of classes in bitches.
    French BulldogsMr. Terry Stacy
    Australian Cattle DogsMr. Terry Stacy
    Australian ShepherdsMr. Terry Stacy
    Open, Black; Blue Merle; Red Merle; Red. Same division of classes in bitches.
    Cardigan Welsh CorgisMr. Terry Stacy

    Trophies & Awards

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  • Premium List in PDF

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