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City of Angels Pug Club

Premium List

  • Club Information & Officers
  • List of Judges
  • Judges' Assignments
  • Premium List in PDF
  • Trophies & Awards
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    Club Information & Officers

    ENTRIES must be received by the Superintendent not later than NOON, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 11, 2021 PT.
    Entries for City of Angels Pug Club Concurrent Specialty show is limited to 100 dogs.
    Show will be closed for entries once limit has been reached.
    First entry of a dog $35.00
    Bred By Exhibitor or Veteran $25.00
    Junior Showmanship FREE
    Each additional entry, same dog $20.00
    Breeders Showcase (per pair)
    English Cocker Swps/Vt Swps (Saturday w/SBKC) $20.00
    French Bulldog Swps/VtSwps (Friday w/ Simi, Sunday w/ concurrent) $20.00
    Bull Tr Swp, Mini Bull Swp/Vt Swps (Friday w/ Simi) $10.00
    Staf Bull Swps & Vet Swps (Sat & Sun w/SBKC) $10.00
    Pomeranian Swps (Fri w/ concurrent) $10.00
    Cardigan WC Swps (Fri w/ concurrent, Fri BPUP w/ concurrent) $10.00
    Pug Swps (Sat w/ SBKC) $10.00
    Basenji Swps & Vet Swps (Sun w/ concurrent) $20.00

    List of Judges

    Mr. Glen Lajeski32000 Pine Mountain Rd
    Cloverdale, CA 95425


    Judges' Assignments

    PugsMr. Glen Lajeski
    Open, Black; Fawn. Same division of classes in bitches.
    Mr. Glen Lajeski
    Novice Intermediate ClassMr. Glen Lajeski
    Novice Junior ClassMr. Glen Lajeski
    Novice Senior ClassMr. Glen Lajeski
    Open Intermediate ClassMr. Glen Lajeski
    Open Junior ClassMr. Glen Lajeski
    Open Senior ClassMr. Glen Lajeski
    The Master ClassMr. Glen Lajeski

    Trophies & Awards

    For Premium List of the City of Angels Pug Club concurrent specialty, look within the Santa Barbara KC premium list:
  • Premium List in PDF

    Please note: We post complete premium lists within each show listing. Just click on "Premium List in PDF," under Premium List, for an online copy.

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