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South Bay Kennel Club


GREAT DANESJudge: Mr. James A. Moses
GREAT DANES Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.
5 NAPLES SANROQUE DANGEROUSLY DELICIOUS , WS80867403 1/23/2023. Breeder: Maren & Victoria Cornish, M. Foerschler & J Copeland By GCHG Olympian-Neet RkyCrk's Freedoms Rebel Mo Crid -- GCH Naples SanRoque Stay Safe Eat Cake. Maren & Victoria Cornish . Dog.
GREAT DANES Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.

9 NEET'S REAL GENIUS , WS78767304 11/1/2022. Breeder: John Neet and Cynthia Neet. By CH Diplomatic's Val Kilmer -- . Cynthia and John Neet . Dog.

11 NEET'S THUNDERHEART , WS78767305 11/1/2022. Breeder: John Neet & Cynthia Neet. By CH Diplomatic's Val Klimer -- Neet's I'm Just A Girl CGCA CGCU TKN VHMA. Cynthia Neet & J. Neet & Erin Mason & Robert Mason. Dog.
15 SAYBRROK'S JAMESON TRIPLE D , WS78244902 9/4/2022. Breeder: Michael J. Rodriguez. By GCH Saybrook's Running Against The Wind -- Saybrook's Moon Shadow 11. Michael J Rodriguez . Dog.
GREAT DANES Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

17 WHISPERINGPINES HAUERCHAMBER LIGHTNINSTRIKES AGAIN , WS77002301 6/20/2022. Breeder: C. & A. Bentley & T. Wylie. & B. Rock-King By GCHP Whispering Pines King Of The Pride -- GCHB Hauerdanes Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Rickey & Lorrie Burnham and Brianne Rock-King . Dog.

19 DUN ROMAN'S LET'S ROLL , WS76181401 7/17/2021. Breeder: Betty Pyle & brandon Pyle. & Jennifer Costantinidis By Elle's Red Son Rising -- Dun Roman's Hopelessly Devoted. Betty Pyle and Brandon Pyle and Jennifer Costantinidis. Dog.
GREAT DANES Open Brindle Dogs.

21 NEET'S VICTORY WON'T WAIT , WS73900905 8/13/2021. Breeder: John Neet & Cynthia Neet. By GCH Neet's Baby Face CAX BCAT DS DJ CGCA CGCU TKN -- CH Olympian's Neet Victory CGCA CGCU TKN VHMA. Cynthia and John Neet . Dog.
GREAT DANES Open Fawn Dogs.

23 YAMRB KA HOLOHOLO NUI A PUNI V KILOHANA , WS69286804 4/30/2020. Breeder: Robin Blackburn. By GCH Yamrb Icon Boys Nite Out V Damnd Star -- CH Rivendell's Lil Miss Firecracker @ Yamrb. Jimet Achiu and Brunson Achiu, Amanda Achiu, & Robin Blackburn. Dog.
GREAT DANES Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

6 DUN ROMAN'S KEEPING IT FLY , WS67253001 8/13/2019. Breeder: Betty & Brandon Pyle. and Jennifer Costantinidis By Ell's Red Son Rising -- Dun Roman's Hopelessly Devoted. Betty Pyle and Brandon Pyle and Jennifer Costantinidis. Bitch.

8 STEELROSE N TMBRLN-KT PARTY OF ONE , WS77704901 8/15/2022. Breeder: Kathy Patterson & Jessica Gibbs. & Debi Konkoll-Thege By GCH Neet's Bigkat He's A Lynx BN RN NA CGCA DM -- CH Sonya Danes N Jrney's Onida Halona At Steelrose. Audrie Sharpe & Kathy Patterson & Jessica Gibbs. Bitch.

34 DUN ROMANS NOSTALGIC VOYAGE , WS78299201 10/23/2022. Breeder: J. Constanitdis, Betty and B Pyle. and Susan Richards By Elle's Red Son Rising -- GCH Dun Roman's Just Like You Only Prettier. J Constantinidis and B Pyle, A Brill, T Ferlisi . Bitch.
GREAT DANES Open Brindle Bitches.
12 GOLDEN RULE & NEET SHE TALKS TO RAINBOWS , WS72469602 3/22/2021. Breeder: Sarah Hughes & J Neet & C Neet. & G. Leemhuis By GCHP Neet's Whirlwind Romance CGCA CGCU TKI -- GCH Neet's Baby Talk CA. Sarah Hughes and C & J Neet . Bitch.
GREAT DANES Open Harlequin Bitches.
14 BENT-ON THE CHOSEN ONE , WS68139606 4/9/2020. Breeder: Debbie Bent. By CH Bent-On Bowties And Handkerchiefs CGC -- CH Chanoz Bent-On Ivy League. Debbie Bent . Bitch. Marilyn Davisson, Agent.
GREAT DANES Best-of-Breed/Variety
10 NAPLES SANROQUE PILLOW TALK , WS75603001 1/15/2022. Breeder: Maren Cornish, J Copeland,. M Foerschler, V Cornish By GCH Naples SanRoque Sweet Revenge at RSF -- Naples SanRoque Darling Cruel. Maren Cornish and Victoria Cornish and Maggie Foerschler. Bitch. Tori Cornish, Agent.
16GCHB DANU'S SWEET SERENDIPITOUS FATE RN CGCA CGCU TKI , WS69829603 7/27/2020. Breeder: Melissa & Taryn Pevy. & Kim Wood By CH Ohana's Love Things BN CGCU -- CH Danu's Sweet Indulgence CGC TKN. Melissa Pevy . Bitch.
18CH GOLDEN RULE & NEET IMMACULATA TKN VHMP , WS77312201 5/19/2022. Breeder: S. Hughes. & C. & J. Neet By CH Lagarada XR Forever Over And Above ATT -- GCH Golden Rule & neet Batten Down The Hatches DNA. Sarah Hughes and Cynthia and John Neet . Bitch.
20GCH ELLENNI BLKSTN 26 DEGREES FOOL SWEET @ TIMBERLINE , WS68369501 3/29/2020. Breeder: LB & A Cipriotti, K Allison,. K Perkins, M Clark By CH Daneacres My Kinda Party -- CH Ellenni's Honey of an Oh! V Blackstone. Jessica Gibbs & Lenni Brett Cipriotti & Kristi Allison. Bitch.
22GCHG YAMRB MISTY OF RONDOMAR , WS64047202 12/30/2018. Breeder: Robin Blackburn. By GCHP MJM's Talk Of The Town -- CH RivenDell's Lil Miss Firecracker @ Yamrb. Doety Marks . Bitch. Shane Hooper, Agent.

25CH SHALAKO N RKYCRK'S MO CRIDHE'S OUTLANDER V OLY-OAC , WS67069501 12/19/2019. Breeder: Mari Lynn Davisson. and Deric Davisson By GCH Olympian-Neet RkyCrk's Freedoms Rebel MoCridhe -- Shalako's Hurricane Lana. Paula Johnson and Mari Lynn Davisson, Melissa Meyer, Joan Apuna. Dog.
27CH HI-STAKES DANERIDGE ENTERPRISING PLAYBOY , WS62483501 9/25/2018. Breeder: Maryann Wilson & Susan Webster. By GCH Hi-Stakes Adrenaline Rush Revolution -- Canoz Daneridge Hi-Stakes Whisper. Hilary McLeod . Dog.
29GCH TIMBERLINE& KONKOLY-THEGE'S TRUTH PREVAILS , WS74082701 2/19/2021. Breeder: Debi Konloy-Thege. and Jessica Gibbs By GCH Neet's Bigkat He's A Lynx BN RN BCAT ACT1 DM -- CH Wildside's True Liberty CGC BCAT. Jessica Gibbs and Debi Konkoly-Thege . Dog.
31GCHS BLACK GRIFFON OF DANJEN CGC , WS58159806 8/11/2017. Breeder: Patty Lowther Star Thistle. By Count Vladimir Of Star Thistle -- Believer Danes N Amadors Lady Sarah Of Star Thistl. Jennifer Robb and Daniels Farnedi . Dog.

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